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......Pride Of Technology

A Company with committed professional for adding value to our customer’s business by enabling the enterprise’s to achieve business excellence through the development of cutting technology and adopting industries best IT practices in application development.

When it comes to Information Technology you have experts available dime-a-dozen. A plethora of technology only complicates the effort of designing the right solution. What really matters is a through understanding to the required business needs, and then creating a smart solution that takes care of present and future needs, while keeping the time and the cost to the minimum.

The challenge really is to make information technology simple and workable for you. At SOFTTECH, we understand this all too well. As fast growing IT SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, we focus on one thing Return On Investment. For us ROI is not a jargon, nor it is a long-term expectation, as we strongly believe on early returns on IT investments.

We at SOFTTECH help organizations maximize the value of IT investments and gain competitive edge in their business. Understanding your business requirements, offering you with IT solutions & products are our prime concerns.

The ROI Promise

Every information technology has an implicit promise of ROI. However, depending upon the applications, its implementation and usage, it produces results. In fact, at times it is likely to produce minimal or no results. One of the prime reasons for this is the lack of understanding on the part of technology vendor. Often, they take refuse in technicalities of ROI calculations.

We believe that IT must essentially be deployed to deliver better efficiencies, save costs and provide the user with competitive edge through better information management strategies. All of our work is geared to map, measure and deliver the best return on investment in IT.

  Winsoft   A Complete Inventory & Accounting Package
  PayRoll   A Complete Payroll Package  
  HealthSoft   Simplify Health care Administration & Management Solution  
  StudentSoft   Simplify Colledge Administration & Daily Activities
  GarmentSoft   A Complete Garments Manufacturing Process Solution  
  LatherSoft   A Complete Lather Product Manufacturing Process Solution  
  eTDS   A Complete Tax Didaction at Source Return Submission Solution  
  ExciseSoft   A Complete Manufacturing & Trading Excise Solution  
  SoftERP   Consolidating the Core Business Applications Layer  
  RubberSoft   Rubber Product Manufacturing & Administrative Solution  
  DAStech   A Complete Industrial Machine Automation Solution  
  SoftCargo   Cargo Management System